Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Most Fire Damage Cleanup in Patchogue Homes Start in the Middle of the Room

It can be jarring for Patchogue homeowners to see their residences after fire damage occurs. Most often, they see a pile of wet building materials and charred p... READ MORE

Fire Damage Gets Cleaned Away in East Patchogue Kitchen

The smoke residues left behind after fire damage in this East Patchogue kitchen can be deceptive and make it look as though even the decorative plaque on the ti... READ MORE

Fire Damage Progress Picture

This fire damaged bedroom in Patchogue, NY was the result of a kitchen fire. The fire had resulted from our customers cooking on the stove, and the flames had ... READ MORE

Deck Fire in Patchogue, NY

This burned deck in Patchogue, New York was the result of a fire that had started from a fire pit. Our customers were having a party and lit the fire pit too c... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Coram, NY

When fires occur they present many different problems. Of course the first immediate concern is that all of the inhabitants (both 2 and 4 legged) are unharmed. ... READ MORE

Smoke Damage in Roosevelt, NY

Thankfully, many people don’t know what a puffback is. When a boiler malfunctions it can expel a sudden and forceful release of soot throughout the home. ... READ MORE

Garage Fire in Center Moriches, NY

This golf cart was taken out of a garage fire in Center Moriches, NY. Notice the extent of smoke damage that can be seen on the exterior of the golf cart. Hal... READ MORE

Ultrasonic Cleaning

The secret to ultrasonic cleaning is cavitation. Cavitation is the collapse of millions of microscopic bubbles in a liquid medium. These bubbles form over the ... READ MORE

Apartment fire in Moriches, NY

A fire began in the end unit of this apartment complex and tore through the entire second floor destroying 4 units and creating smoke and water damage in the bo... READ MORE